« Venus has two faces, and so many more… » is the story of a timeless journey. A lost soul in the city, Nino Lanzani is a victim of a plot orchestrated by Boris Zakowski, a detective who does not seek to injure the people he is trailing, but to the contrary, allows them to make their own way. Even when it leads to their acting against their own interests…

Thus,  for  reasons  that  can  be  discovered  in  the  novel,  Boris  comes  up  with  a  strategy  that  forces  Nino  to  join « The Balbar Circus ». There, he has the chance to take part in a performance that involves traversing a mirror and thus being able to live, in one life, two : one in the World-of-the-Real, the other in the World-of-Dreams. Until the day when, at a ball organised in the World-of-Dreams, one of the guests leads him to the realisation that he cannot enjoy the benefits of both worlds indefinitely. Sooner or later, he must make a choice.

« Venus has two faces. And so many more… » is thus the story of this choice — painful and irreversible — with which Nino Lanzani will be confronted and which will allow him, at the conclusion, to come to a place of reconciliation. By being forced to choose between two universes that are at once opposed to each other and complimentary, and between people he is fond of in the World-of-the-Real and seductive people in the World-of-Dreams, Nino is able to truly fulfill his destiny.

To share this adventure with Nino, you must have your head in the clouds. In fact, to take off on this bewildering odyssey that leads to the edge of reason and madness, each of us must accept the idea at least while reading this book that dreams are as valid as what we regard as real, that they have the same weight, the same presence, the same consistency, in short, that they have the same reality. This is a huge bias !

By consequence, Cartesians who only believe in reason and realists who only believe what they see are strongly discouraged from reading this book.

Philippe Parrot (translated by Wendy Winn)

Venus has two faces, and so many more...

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fichier pdf Venus has two faces, and so many more…

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Novel written by Philippe PARROT

Translated by Wendy WINN and illustrated by Sandra SAVAJANO


All rights reserved

Intellectual Property Code prohibits copies or reproductions intended for collective use. Any representation or reproduction in whole or in part by any means whatsoever, without the consent of the author or his successors is unlawful and constitutes an infringement punishable by articles L335-2 and following of the Code of intellectual property.


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